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Colin's Autobiography

"Since a child, I've been obsessed with playing and creating music. At the age of 9, I bought my first electric guitar after saving $75 for a Fender Stratocaster knockoff. Shortly after I was surprised with a year's worth of guitar lessons at a local music shop down the street. Soon after, I was learning classic songs such as Stair Way to Heaven, Sweet Home Alabama, One by Metallica, etc. After learning some basic chords, scales, and techniques I began writing my own music. I acquired a Silvertone Bass and a new 120watt solid state Crate amplifier. A couple months later, I had saved up roughly $250 to buy a used Schecter Diamond series guitar. At the age of 11, two of my good friends had been gifted guitars. We started writing music anywhere from classic rock to heavy metal together. 

At this point, I had a burning desire for a drum kit. Instead of buying a drum kit however, my parents had purchased me a cheap one-piece electronic drum machine and pair of drum sticks. This didn't satisfy my desire for a drum kit but I did enjoy playing it. I learned various drum beats from the learning features where it would light up on a certain pad, showing how to play the particular beat. I would often play a beat and loop record it while then writing music on my guitar over that beat. This went on for a few months until my 12th birthday came around and my parents came to their senses. 

On the day of my 12th birthday, all I could think about during school was getting a drum kit. Sure enough, when I arrived home, there was a brand new Tama Imperialstar Fusion kit in my garage. Before I knew it, one half of our garage was then turned into my "Studio", where I had later filled the walls entirely with egg carton foam. This section of the garage consisted of my new drumset, guitar, bass, futon, and my old Dell computer. I was writing music with friends constantly and we knew little about recording but were smart enough to figure it out with a cheaper mixer, couple of microphones, and computer.  This would be the start of my recording career. 

By the time I was in high school, I had acquired new microphones and was working in different DAW's including Sony Acid, Fruity Loops, and Mixcraft. I found a new love for producing hip-hop instrumentals and within a year or two I started selling my productions on various sites. I would often create parody rap songs with my friends, some of which were directed toward faculty and kept in secrecy. We even made a couple music videos back in the high school days. I never really thought about it at the time but this is where I acquired a lot of my knowledge and skill of mixing audio. 

I wasn't sure what I was going to go to college for but  I was very passionate about two things, football and music. I had my mind set on playing college football no matter what. After visiting a few schools, it was the head football coach of CALU that really influenced me play there. I loved the campus, coaching staff, and game uniforms which did have persuasion on me. My mind was set and I committed to California University of Pennsylvania. After doing research on a couple unfulfilling Majors, I found the Commercial Music Technology Major. This major was everything I have ever done and loved about music. I finally had found the right path for myself. 

A few years later, I had acquired an Associate Degree of Arts, and a Bachelor of Science in Commercial Music Technology. I expanded my career and knowledge in music as a freelance engineer, independent recording artist, drum instructor, and live event engineer. Thousands of records later and here I am. Though I have gone further in this path than expected, I stop nowhere on the road to become one the best engineers in the game."

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