How to Mix the Kick Drum for Rock and Metal!

Knowing when and why to mix differently for several genres is a must have skill in the music industry. That is, if you're planning on becoming a reputable mix engineer.

Mixing one way for that same instrument on every single genre may get you consistent results. But it could also leave you in a rut, never progressing.

It's important to keep up with modern music and the way things sound dynamically and tonal.

So in this post, I will walk you guys through my exact process of mixing the kick drum for rock and metal music.

It isn't exactly the same on every mix. But this will give you the just, and a great starting point I might add.

As a summary...

1) Eliminate Problem Frequencies

2) Gate Your Kick

3) Slate Digital VMR For Drive/Punch/Saturation

4) Additive Eq (For Slap/Presence)

5) Compression

6) Splice in Samples (GGD-My Favorite)

7) Add to Kick Buss

8) Optional Tape Emulation

Plugins Used in this Tutorial:

Slate Digital Infinity Eq

Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack

Steven Slate Trigger 2

Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machine

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